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Advisory Services for Private Equity and Venture Capital Investments

Acacia Advisors is an independent firm that provides specialized advisory services in the area of Private Equity, Venture Capital and related Alternative Asset investments.

Acacia Advisors focuses primarily on the needs of family offices and institutional investors that are considering a participation or are presently active in these asset classes.  

Advisory services can range from high-level advice, e.g. how to best build and maintain an exposure to this asset class, to implementation, e.g. how to execute the selected strategies or address an underperforming investment. Services are tailored to match the specific client requirements.

Acacia Advisors strives to provide unbiased, timely and professional advice. Our main objective is to maximize the return on any investment while fully protecting the position of our clients.

When retained by a client, Acacia Advisors only acts as an advisor.

For inquiries, please contact us at info@acaciaadvisors.com.